1-2018: Finally arrived: a Hardware box for the ICE

Dear customers and test-partners,

Some of you have been asking for a long time already for a hardware solution to pre-install the ICE on and just connect this hardware box with the network.

Especially for those customer who are working in the graphic industry or graphic arts media agencies and running mainly Mac computers have so far rejected to buy a separate big and expensive Windows PC. An other group of customer may have rejected any new software installation on their own hardware PC´s.

Now we have a solution for such customers which is a Hardware box as Mini PC with Windows10.

The box was developed by and is available from the Chinese company: dfRobotwww.dfrobot.com.

Our development centre in Canada has tested this box with ICE over some months and did not find any disadvantage.

Therefore we can recommend this MiniPC to run the ICE on a separate hardware box. Of course, we cannot give any guaranty neither on the box nor we can support this box.

Nevertheless, you ma buy this box directly from the supplier in China using his online shop. Article numbers and prices you find above under 1. and 2. 

We wish you success to gain new customers when offering this box.