2-2019: 10th anniversary of foundation of Off Script

Dear customers and interested professionals for MPS

The year 2019 starts with a firework of News which in total optimize the useability and and productivity of the PrintAudit software tools even further more and intensify the communication between Print Audit and its customers.
But before we dig into details we may proudly celebrate with you our 10th anniversary of foundation of Off Script on 11th of March 2009.

Thanks to our unparraled and highly reliable software products, in the first line the Infinite Device Manager known as Device Portal and the RAK and you as our trustful customers we could develop the brand PrintAudit from a No-name to a competitive and everywhere highly respected market player. We own a great debt of gratitude to our customers which have partly accompanied us since our foundation.


1. We have got a new Website

The 10th anniversary was a trigger point to renovate completely our website. Please have a look by yourself at our URL ́s we can be found in the web:

www.off-script.com, www.printaudit.de, www.off-script.de, www.offscript.com, www.offscript.de 


2. Further development steps for Software

Always and especially within the last couple of years Print Audit has addapted the features close to the customer and market requirements. In 2018 the software products were renamed because functionality, feature and technology have been drastically changed.

IDM-Infinite Device Management: stands for the well known Device Portal.

IUM-Infinite User Management: is a completely new developed software as successor of PA6. It is a management tool for print rules, accounting and security. Now operated via web browser.

RAK-Rapid Assessment Key: this is the well knows USB stick as a tool for an instant MPS analysis in Sales and Service.


3. Rollout of IUM-Software in the German speaking (D-A-CH) region

In March 2019 we will roll out the IUM software in our market after this new developed application was already running more than 1 year in the US market.
This locally at customers server installed software enables you:

  • To set governance rules for printing
  • To allocate print cost on dedicated accounts
  • To print flexible and secure on any printer of a dedicated printer pool and release print jobs by PIN code, card reader or mobile device. Google print is possible 
  • To utilize the printer UI directly for operations of IUM by embedded Apps for most of the manufacturers
  • This software can be quickly installed and operated in combination with IDM

Of a special interest for you will be the license model:
Resellers who have already booked a license package for IDM could utilize not used individual licenses of the package for IUM and will get use of the software without any additional payment.

All other resellers can book any license package wich can be used for a mix of IDM , IUM and embedded App licenses. You will be surprised how cost-effective this solution will be for you and your customers.


4. Interface between ERP-System JUST.IN and IDM

2 months ago we have release the interface between the ERP system JUST.IN (German company) and our IDM. This enables the JUST.IN user to utilize directly the IDM data in JUST.IN for dispatching, supply ordering and shipment. Some resellers of you are already using it successfully.


5. IDM is now Hewlett Packard-SDS ready

For those of you who want to utilize the HP SDS cloud service can do it now with our IDM. Since December 2018 IDM is HP-SDS compatible and offers a connection to HP cloud service.

Please contact us to enable your account for HP-SDS.