MPS 4 YOU Subscription


Off Script Consultancy Solutions & Sales for Managed Print Service focuses on the following criteria for success:

Our customers and their needs are the center of our consultancy services. We try hard to meet all of their needs in due consideration of general technical feasibility. A constant questioning of all processes and structures, a close monitoring of the development of our customers and a clear intention to learn are the road to success. Thereby we follow one of Einstein’s ideas:

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein

Key Competences

We accompany our clients from the analysis and the identification of the vision to the development of an output strategy, standardization, hardware consultancy and solution consultancy all the way to their realization. Afterwards, the results are constantly checked and, if necessary, suggestions for customized processes will be developed.


Off Script is not tied to any contractors or suppliers and hence advises its clients accordingly. Our services are available on a consultancy fee basis or on the basis of a share of the resulting cost savings on a percentage basis. We also charge for our software modules, which, on the one hand, enable an analysis of all costs on your side and of your working site. On the other hand, they also provide you total cost control and a service management that is not tied to other contractors or suppliers.

Our services consist, among other things, of the following:

  • working site and cost analyses of output systems ( printers, copy machines, scanners, MFPs, fax machines)
  • analyses of the degree of capacity utilizations and of system errors
  • optimization of your workflow on the basis of the analyses above and the inclusion of the client’s vision
  • development of a concept for the entire Managed Print Service infrastructure
  • consultancy on call for bids and market requests
  • consultancy on the choice of commodities
  • remote services and fleet management of the output systems
  • review of success and customization​​​​​​​