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Definition following Bitkom, Guidelines MPS

Managed Print Services comprise all customer-specific measures and products, i.e. hardware, software, supplies and services, which serve the aim of achieving an individual and optimally coordinated print processing and document processing.

What are the challenges that companies are faced with today?

Printing, copying, faxing, scanning… exceptional, dubious, and paradox, because every single new contract has indeed lead to better hardware prices, but the total expenditures have increased continuously.

But why?

Hardware, i.e. printers, copy machines, etc., and software were sold separately as single components and hence they were sold to the best price possible according to the topical requirements. For this reason, the applied technologies were only optimized on the respective topical level; company-wide aims and requirements were often neglected. One logical consequence was that each individual project soon lost in interest and attention.

Off Script offers you consultancy services, which are necessarily not tied to any contractors or suppliers in order not to be forced into such paradox circumstances in future times anymore. Even more, we offer you the proper analysis and reporting systems and devices (e.g. MyM2M, IDM, or RAK).

Sustainability due to MPS and our software

Off Script Consultancy Solution & Sales works and acts according to the points laid out in the diagram below and thus helps you to achieve the best possible results for your MPS in the future: